Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wish us luck.

One of our goals this year has been to finally finished the remodeling.

But here it is almost July already!

My focus tends to always be on the garden.

But I am weary of plywood floors, clutter, uncomfortable spaces. So I am pulling myself up by the bootstraps and doing all I can do in prep for demolition, painting, flooring. Yikes!

I get overwhelmed easily.

This room is my #1 priority.

The Office

Hubby has some great ideas on how to make this space work better. The cabinet doesn't need to be this wide anymore with today's slimmer TVs.

Neither of us use this desk (junk collector) nor do we need such a huge file cabinet.

Most of the information stored in there is now easily accessed online. (Old seminary notes from the late 70's included!)

The carpet needs to go and the walls need painting.

The closet is packed full.

I actually can't believe I'm showing you all this, heheh!

Hubby is thinking of building a desk in the closet with a two drawer file cabinet for needed storage (taxes, bills and such).

We have this weird open closet for the water heater, too.  Almost 30 years later we still haven't made a door or a curtain.

So, I've begun to clear the space out.

But where to put it all? Some is behind the loveseat in the living room, oy!

I am thinking of renting a storage box to put in the driveway for the time being.

So, wish us luck, we have this room, all the floors in the downstairs, a bathroom and kitchen remodel to do. Not sure we have the energy.

I am so ready for a nice house, however.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dahlias and Sweet Peas

My very favorite flowers for bouquets in the house are dahlias and sweet peas. So, I've been trying to get mine planted and supported! I've needed hubby's help with the supports. The dahlias get so heavy that the posts needed to be all the way down in the hard, clay soil underneath the raised beds.

 Four stakes down the middle of each bed.
Dahlias planted on each side.

 Some grown in pots in the greenhouse for a head start and other new bulbs fresh from the growers.

15 plants with room for one more new one!

 The sweet peas are a bit of a tangled mess since it's taken awhile to find time to build the chicken wire supports so they can happily climb, and bloom!

 I could let them climb the net fence but then the deer would be able to munch so the chicken wire will hold the plants a few inches from the netting.

Not quite finished and got chased inside during a downpour! The garden is well watered from our recent rains, and rather beat down, but sun is predicted so stand back. 

There will be more of June's beauty.