Monday, December 30, 2013


As Christmas gets wrapped up and put into the memory books, my thoughts turn to many things. One of those is sewing! I am finding myself thinking about red and white quilts, for one. And children's clothing. 

Last year I made skirts for my darling little great nieces.

For Sofie, who was 3 years old at the time, I made a patchwork bordered skirt.

It was from a design I originally spotted on Pinterest but I had to figure out the dimensions of the pieces and the length of the skirt from measurements sent by my niece. 

I decided to do an elastic waist, also from the measurements sent by Megan.

For 1 1/2 year old Gracie, I designed a different skirt with a rick rack trim.

Do you spot the little button initial?

Gracie now knows which skirt is hers and that there is a "G" for her name.  I'd hoped the little buttons would be something the special to the girls. And I love that the girls could still wear their skirts on this recent Christmas Eve.

And let me wish you all a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is coming. . .

Welcome to our home, all decorated for Christmas!

We've had sunny, crisp, gorgeous days lately. Such a treat for this time of year around here.

I've been wishing for some real snowflakes.

Our tree is filled with collected ornaments from over the years including the very first one we purchased when we were engaged to be married 40 years ago.

Baby's first Christmas ornaments, too.

I've been wanting these large Heritage Hill jars for quite some time and finally purchased two in time for holiday fun. 

Funny story here: see the barn among these tin ornaments? Well, a few weeks ago I suddenly decided my Christmas theme this year would be barns. I began to hunt online for vintage toy barns. I also discovered Hallmark tin barn ornaments so purchased a couple on eBay. Last week I pulled out a box labeled "Christmas Village" thinking it would be my ceramic village pieces I haven't used in several years. It contained those plus all these tin buildings - that I did NOT remember I had, at all. I already had the barn, too! 

I did not do the barn theme after all, either. Heh.

No matter what theme I decide for Christmas decorating, the snowman always come to the party!

Our first Christmas with our new family members, yay!

Can't wait!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

99% Finished

Good Morning!

Remember the bathroom remodel we were working on earlier this year? Well, it was mostly finished this summer before the wedding preparations began.

I've hesitated doing a long awaited reveal (yes, a reveal - cool!) because my little phone camera doesn't take clear photos in that space. I've tried from different angles using different lighting. Now I've decided not to wait any longer. 

First, here is the bathroom some 25 years ago.

And here it is today.

Between than and now I took down the wallpaper, painted the walls green and purchased a new shower curtain (after some 20 years using the lace one - it wore like iron plus I was SO indecisive, heh!). I can't seem to find any photos of that stage of the room.

I love, love, love the new hardware which will also be installed in the rest of the house. No more shiny brass!

The 1% unfinished is a mirror for the built-in frame. We just hung up the old one for now.

I am loving the heated tile floor. Highly recommend it!

A couple of pumpkins decorate the room for Autumn, of course!

I am very Thankful this season for my new bathroom.

On to the rest of the house!

Friday, November 1, 2013


I was having a Facebook discussion with a friend recently.

She has been sharing a beautiful painting she is working on and I've been amazed at the strokes that produce such art. I told her I wished I could paint or even draw and hoped to give it a try someday. But my expectation was not to do anything like she is doing, it's not "in" me.

She then reminded me of my garden and I once again realized that it is such an important creative outlet. 

It is most definitely "in" me!!

I overflow with gratefulness when I am getting my hands dirty

or visiting a nursery

or filling the trunk of the car with plants

or weeding (truly).

I overflow with thankfulness when gifting someone with cut flowers

or a bag of homegrown carrots

or sharing photos of blooms.

Or hosting a wedding in the garden!!!

Thank you, friend, for reminding me of this.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Autumn home continued. . .

Here's a few more snapshots of Autumn around our home.

The first thing I display every Fall is this darling pumpkin made by my niece when she was in high school. Makes me smile and feel at home.

I think deep orange tones compliment blue so amazingly, like Autumn leaves against the blue, blue sky.  
Like my comfy throw against the blue couch. Many a nap is taken snuggled under it!

More fun pumpkin treasures. I look for natural toned or deep orange colors instead of Halloween oranges.

Love this cute little box that I use for napkins.

I used to collect tea cups and saucers, not so much anymore. But I've kept some seasonal ones to enjoy on display.

This flower handled set is a favorite.

Old, old Royal Albert Maple Leaf cream and sugar.

My niece and I both like to have seasonal books in a basket. (How do you like my "hardwood" floors, heheh!)

There are a few flowers left in the cutting garden for the table.

I did make the table runner (machine quilted by Anne Jones). 

And I am taking notes on which dahlias were excellent cut flowers and which I'd like to replace.  Deep purple (like the wedding flowers - gorgeous!) and a rich orange bloom.

Maybe next year I'll even grow pumpkins!

Monday, October 7, 2013

I love my house best in. . .


My favorite tree, a Japanese Katsura, is beginning to turn yellow. The leaves fill the air with a sweet smell as they fall, very etherial. 

This greets you by the front door.

Open the front door and come on in - this is the first thing you'll see. I love to decorate my hall tree seasonally. 

I love, love, love pumpkins and have gathered sweet ones over the years.

The painting is an original by Cathy Horvath.

An autumn quilt I made awhile back.

And a fun mini quilt I purchased.

Even though my favorite seasons are Spring and Summer, I fall in love with Autumn every year. Pumpkins seem to capture my heart once again.