Friday, May 31, 2013

Life interrupted

Right in the middle of a lovely Memorial Day in the greenhouse and golfing for hubby and son I needed this:

Not sure if it was this one exactly since I basically had my eyes closed the whole way to ER while dealing with pain. I thought maybe a kidney stone or appendicitis but it turned out to be of unknown origin. I am still a bit sore and being careful in hopes it doesn't return.

My firefighter son was on duty which was such a comfort to me. I wouldn't want anyone else but him and C-shift to care for me!

Since then, hubby has moved the electrical for one of the bathroom lights.

The new vanity needed to be positioned a bit more to the left.

That resulted in a new center for the mirror above the sink.

So hubby moved the electrical box and cleverly used the removed wall board to fill in the old space.

He's been mudding and sanding every couple of days in several places. 

Almost ready for paint!

And look what arrived:

Goodness, this shiny beauty is hard to photograph. 

Can't wait to see her installed!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The cutest painter

Yay - hubby is painting today!!!

The ceiling needs an anti-mold primer applied.

But hubby is painting the "board" (wall) and battens.

This is where the custom cut mirror will go.

I am not really sad that there isn't room for two of us in there painting, heh-heh.

I'd rather be gardening . . .

and admiring my cute painter hubby - thanks, honey!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Homestead

Good Morning!

We didn't do anything on the bathroom/house remodel this past weekend. We needed a rest and then we had a wonderful Mother's Day at my mom's teensy house. We were very thankful for sunshine most of the day so we could spill outside. My 90 year old mom was thankful to just be home for the day. 

This is what the neighborhood looked like back in the 40's when mom & dad moved there.

The arrow points to the property.

They bought and moved a WWII surplus house to the property.

Wish I had that car!
The "garage" was the gravel basement entered under the back of the house.

My older sister and me surrounded by mom's wonderful flower beds.
It was a great place to grow up!

Now mom's house looks like the one in the movie "UP"! 
Houses have been built close by and there it sits tucked back from the road.
She has lived there most of her adult life and we are so thankful she can still be there!

Monday, May 6, 2013

None of the above. . .

Choices have been made!

Ordering has commenced!

Sneak preview!

Did you catch that none of these were in my previous bathroom choices?
But this time I can picture the result.

Suddenly I am googling/pinning kitchen flooring ideas.

I have moved on!