Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Office/Library Progress

After poking around for weeks with removing items from the office

and filling up the living room

finding toys I'd totally forgotten about

just in time for this sweetie

hubby and I seriously tackled the task over the weekend.

We aren't getting bogged down sorting anything until we are putting things back into the room.


 Everything was removed from the room including the built-in closet shelves.

The bookcases had to be removed through the window and the desk/bookshelf taken apart in order to even fit through the window.

We tore up the carpet and padding, tossing them out the window, too. But now I have a bazillion staples to remove from the floor.

We left the TV stand/tv plus the two extremely heavy recliners.

Hubby got busy patching & mudding. 

And by mid-Monday he had the ceiling painted!!!

 Then I had a celebratory glass of wine while hubby went golfing. 

Perfect ending to our birthday/Labor Day weekend :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Before we knew if our grandbaby was a boy or girl, I was inspired by this pattern:

and this fabric:

named "Boy Crazy".

I loved this fabric but if the baby was a girl I would need to find other fabric.

I went ahead and began stitching.

Then we all found out that, yes, it was a boy!!

When I was almost finished with the top, my DIL began asking me to make a baby quilt.

I had to act like I didn't have time or would try to come up with something, heheh.

(Machine quilted by Ann Jones)

It was so fun to surprise by son & DIL with the quilt at their baby shower!

It was fun to tell them the story of my amateur acting in order to keep the quilt a secret.

My friend found the darling outfit to go with the quilt.

And look what else "goes" with the quilt!!

Sweet pea pumpkin love!!

Monday, August 11, 2014


I know I've been MIA for a bit. 

Besides the major life event of the birth of our grandson, we also had a wedding, a swift 3000 mile road trip, and a funeral. Very full, emotional, bittersweet times!

So happy to get back to this boy!

It was also lovely to be away from the news for awhile.

When we returned, I found a garden that had burst into bloom.

Even the dahlias were finally blooming.

So I decided to try to sell some of the bounty.

And, By Golly, I sold some!

Hubby did get some of the hardwood floor in earlier and now I need to paint the stair skirt and risers.

I love having hardwood floors, so done with carpet in the main part of the house :)

But it is gorgeous summer here presently so it's REALLY hard to focus on the inside of the house.

But I'll try, heheh.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Snail Pace

We were making some progress on the stair project a bit ago.

Risers installed.

We decided to wait to paint the final coats on the risers until after hubby installs the treads.

And then we got happily interrupted by the most wonderful event.
The birth of our grandson.

It sure slowed us down with things around here.
We are in love!!
Typical conversation this week:
Hubby: when do you want to go see the baby again? Today?
Me: Yes!! (drop everything)

And today we've discovered 3 huge bald-faced hornet nests on our house and garage. So I am not going to work outside anywhere near the buildings.
No photos, either, since I can't get close enough, heheh.

I could continue cleaning out the office so we can get going on demo.

Or gather flowers from the cutting garden which is far away from the hornet nests.

I am not minding the snail pace at all.