Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm making headway with the fenced garden.

The corner beds for the sweet peas are filled.

I dug out all the weeds and grass from the larger rectangular bed.

And then I turned over the heavy, clay-ey, rocky soil.

 Less you think I'm being too picky about the emu soil, here is proof of the roots that have grown in the soil

I've been sifting the soil after trying to dig out the roots by hand.

 Hardware cloth works well.

Roots have grown within the soil.

 Beautiful, sifted soil for the new raised beds.

Almost finished with more soil to use as a mulch in the gardens.

I will be soon planting seeds, dahlias and seedlings.

I fell asleep on in the sunshine today, laying on the pile of emu topsoil.

It was heavenly!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It'll take more than a day. . .

After my long bout with infected eyes I managed to come down with the flu so it seems I was ill the whole month of March.  

But now it's April and Spring is bursting forth!!  

I've been busily planting seeds in the greenhouse because. . .

. . . hubby has built me new raised beds in the fenced garden!! 

The wood was prepared with a preservative,

measurements taken and the building got underway.

He can build anything. 

These narrow corner beds are going to be for sweet peas.

The other bed will hold dahlias.

 So now I am happily wheeling dirt to the new beds from my saved pile of emu topsoil. 

I've learned something, however, about keeping a pile of dirt that close to the forrest. There are roots everywhere within that soft rich soil. I am pulling out as many as I find in order to avoid perennial weeds or brambles from getting a foothold. The plants in those beds will have a cushy life compared to the woodland with plenty of fertilizer and water. No squatters allowed!

It takes many trips back and forth. Worked all afternoon but didn't quite get one of the beds filled. 

But then, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Neither were Popeye's muscles. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I wonder. . .

I've been home for a good 10 days with an eye infection, rather painful and very contagious. Hopefully I am on the mend!

I'd been happily working in the early Spring garden, too, anticipating this:

And this:

Oh, and this:

Conclusion: I would rather lose my hearing than my sight, that's for sure!

What I've discovered is how quickly I got into a good ole' funk.

Feeling like I'd never get well (big baby, here). Self-care flying right out the window (hair? diet? exercise? nyet).

Some depression, past mistakes coming back to poke at me.

This was within one week!!

That got me wondering anew about those who have serious illness, for weeks, months, years. What can we do to help them "keep up their spirits"?

I usually think in terms of physical tasks like meals (despite my failure as a cook, heh) or shopping but what about things for the mind and spirit?

Technology certainly is a huge blessing for keeping connected: Facebook, blogs, texting. All germ free!

In the worst of it, I snuggled in on the couch listening to my playlist. Technology again.

So, I am wondering what would be great kindness to those with illness, for their inner being, for their spirit?

What is something I could do?

Pondering. . . 

Monday, February 10, 2014

a quilt story

Way back in the 1980's I was inspired by this quilt.

The pattern is "Flywheel".
My friend had it hanging way up on a wall in her entry.

It was made during the Depression era for my friend's mother as a wedding gift.

I was fascinated by the soft yellow background, rather unusual.

So I decided to make a copy. It was hard to find any yellow fabric at the time nor could I find an accurate pattern. This was before the internet or the use of all the tools we now have for quilt making.

Using a similar pattern I made this.

It is a much softer yellow than in the photos.

I am thinking I hand cut out all those pieces while watching some games, not the Olympics, but another international competition, maybe the Goodwill Games in 1986.

I was in a small quilt group at the time where we helped hand-piece blocks for each other. 

And Geez Louise, I've been hand-quilting it from time to time ever since!

So the first night of the Winter Olympic Games, I pulled it out once again so I could quilt while watching the competitions.

Making headway with the goal of finally finishing this very 80's quilt THIS year.

I may break down and machine quilt the boarders. 

I think our quilting foremothers would be just fine with that.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A bit of progress

Well, last year at this time I enthusiastically began this blog with high hopes it would help spur me on to finishing the master bedroom. 


But other things were completed and it was a grand year anyway!

Here is the master bedroom now.

I purchased new pillow shams that I've had my eye on for a long while. (Pick Stitch, Pottery Barn).

I think they go well with the quilt on the bed. The quilt made completely by hand: hand pieced, hand quilted. It is just the right weight for sleeping.

I asked a favorite blogger, Melissa at The Inspired Room, about the use of mirrors in a room. We hung a full length mirror up before the wedding, especially for the bride!

I wondered if a mirror above the bed or above the dresser would be too much in the room.

She thought not, especially if the mirror is round. So I am on the hunt! 

And I am still looking for affordable lamps. 

Picky, I guess, heheh.

Monday, December 30, 2013


As Christmas gets wrapped up and put into the memory books, my thoughts turn to many things. One of those is sewing! I am finding myself thinking about red and white quilts, for one. And children's clothing. 

Last year I made skirts for my darling little great nieces.

For Sofie, who was 3 years old at the time, I made a patchwork bordered skirt.

It was from a design I originally spotted on Pinterest but I had to figure out the dimensions of the pieces and the length of the skirt from measurements sent by my niece. 

I decided to do an elastic waist, also from the measurements sent by Megan.

For 1 1/2 year old Gracie, I designed a different skirt with a rick rack trim.

Do you spot the little button initial?

Gracie now knows which skirt is hers and that there is a "G" for her name.  I'd hoped the little buttons would be something the special to the girls. And I love that the girls could still wear their skirts on this recent Christmas Eve.

And let me wish you all a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is coming. . .

Welcome to our home, all decorated for Christmas!

We've had sunny, crisp, gorgeous days lately. Such a treat for this time of year around here.

I've been wishing for some real snowflakes.

Our tree is filled with collected ornaments from over the years including the very first one we purchased when we were engaged to be married 40 years ago.

Baby's first Christmas ornaments, too.

I've been wanting these large Heritage Hill jars for quite some time and finally purchased two in time for holiday fun. 

Funny story here: see the barn among these tin ornaments? Well, a few weeks ago I suddenly decided my Christmas theme this year would be barns. I began to hunt online for vintage toy barns. I also discovered Hallmark tin barn ornaments so purchased a couple on eBay. Last week I pulled out a box labeled "Christmas Village" thinking it would be my ceramic village pieces I haven't used in several years. It contained those plus all these tin buildings - that I did NOT remember I had, at all. I already had the barn, too! 

I did not do the barn theme after all, either. Heh.

No matter what theme I decide for Christmas decorating, the snowman always come to the party!

Our first Christmas with our new family members, yay!

Can't wait!