Thursday, February 28, 2013


"made less hopeful or enthusiastic"

Not only is the bathroom flooring too orange/gold and wrong but other things are just not going well. 

My hair is not working. My Facebook friends are all saying, NO, not the hair again. Will you quit with the hair!! I've cut the bangs three times, too.  

After losing 35+ pounds last year I am stuck. Can't seem to continue or lose the last 10.

My eBay sales are in disarray due to my typing in my email address wrong in the original auction form - not just once (which ended in a cancelled sale) but now two more times! It totally messes up getting paid. The solution hasn't been found yet. For the sales not my brain, for Pete's sake!!

I'm not getting anywhere with the master bedroom decorating. I sent for samples of the fabric for the tufted headboard I was eyeing only to receive the wrong samples not once, but twice. THEN I found out the color I really wanted was discontinued. 

Lamps - what lamps? Nothing new at TJ's that I even like. Online they are so expensive! Who can pay hundreds of dollars for two lamps? That reminds me - one time I added up the cost of all the furnishings in a bedroom I loved. $20K, $20-grand, $20,000 for one room, egads.

But the worst of it is that I battle with self-contempt down in my soul. I can't. Somethings wrong with me. It'll never happen because it's me. Etc, etc. I've learned, however, that this can be a habit. A default. I've mostly learned to say "no" to going there. To treat myself with the same kindness I would treat a friend. Instead I need to say, okay, I don't like the bathroom flooring. What are the options? Sometimes that is harder than the default. 

"At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again."- Mary Anne Rodmacher

When I started this blog I was enthusiastic and excited about life, about decorating the master bedroom, remodeling. And that's where I want to remain - with hope, joy, fun, creativity. 

Hey, maybe it's The Psychology of Home Decor - yup!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What would you do?

Tear it out!!!

Just kidding.


An awesome hubby/son crew worked hard to install the tile this past weekend.

Lots of work, lots of learning, dinner out afterwards (my favorite!).

But my heart has sunk now that I see the tile in place - I don't like it!

Yes, I chose it. I had a sample in the bathroom for quite awhile so I could see it in the lighting in there.

Yes, I carried a tile around when looking at vanity finishes, flooring samples and the like.

(No, the iPhone cameral doesn't take very clear or color accurate photos in this darker space!)

Should I have gone with my gut of mosaic, vintage looking tiles? Should I have ignored the practical side that said all that grout would be a pain to keep clean?  I chose a neutral tile but the color and style aren't doing what I thought they would. It looks rather gold-ish and apartment-ish rather than cottage/farmhouse Pottery Barn-ish.

So now I've become totally gun shy to choose any of the other flooring! So disappointed in myself which feeds right into some of my wackadoodle issues, bah!

"Her courage had sprung a leak."

Not sure I can expect this tile to be removed with the cost and hassle of doing so. What would you do?

And thus is the dilema in home design. Do you ever feel like everyone else gets it right the first time? My hubby can tell me story after story of clients who change their minds, often, who see something installed and don't like it . . . At All.

Keeping it real here!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sneak Peek

What a fun day yesterday with the arrival of the new bathroom vanities - yahoo!! I am grateful and thankful and I love them. 

So beautifully made with dovetail construction, self-closing drawers and a rich stain. Local recommendation: Creekside Cabinets located in Silverdale. 

Next layer of the bathroom floor is down in prep for the tile. But first I think we need to address the mold that has gotten a foothold on the ceiling. Wait, a "foot" hold on a ceiling?  Haha, whatever. . .

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Choices Galore

Since hubby and son got my bathroom demo'd this weekend plus the beginnings of the flooring installation underway, I've been working on making final decisions for the finishes. I've tried to figure out how to post my inspiration bathroom on here with no success.

There a samples all over the place with choices to be made.

Color inspiration is mixed in with the countertop ideas.

And then there is the entry flooring decision to be made. And the kitchen flooring.

Those boards are samples of our white oak hardwood that will be in the living/dining room, stairs and landing. Soon.

In the meantime, it was a gorgeous day so I headed to the greenhouse to do some planting. Look at that sunshine!!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Gee whiz - it took me several tries this morning to get my "face" on (makeup, you know). I had to start over several times because I am so distracted and excited and worried!! Word on the street is that tomorrow is demolition day for my bathroom - what??!!

Thought I had a photo of it when it was neat & clean but here it is the other day. Original vanity and oak backsplash, 80's style. Vinyl flooring from my Victorian era. Hey, I had rose flowered wallpaper in here and a lace shower curtain.

Brass fixtures, oval mirror. I liked it a lot, however, in it's hay day. As you can see, the wallpaper has been gone for quite awhile. These fuzzy photos don't show the green paint color that I am keeping. I love it (BM Soft Fern).

So I am unloading the drawers, sorting, tossing and then putting the things I use daily in baskets to take to the downstairs bath. It'll be a teensy pain having one bathroom for awhile. Although I grew up in a household of 5 with one bathroom, it can be done! See that waste basket? That was a wedding shower gift 40 years ago! The color has been in and out of style several times. It normally lives inside the vanity, however.

I am so thankful that I am getting a new vanity in a yummy dark chocolate color. First up will be tile floor - heated!

In a nice, neutral tile. That'll give me lots of options for future decorating. A total DIY project here. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second chances.

Remember these?

Popped down to TJMaxx yesterday and there they were again. THIS time I brought them home, put them on the master bedroom nightstands and pondered. . . Something was not right. I loved the height, the shape, the awesome pottery finial, the texture and color of the shade. I kept thinking about how to make them work. But I wasn't willing to give up my favorite quilt to sleep under each night. Or the down comforter at the end of the bed.

This time I made note that they were Broyhill lamps in case I find other colors online somewhere. I also found out TJ's gets a truckload of new items every day but Sunday.  Ooooh, that is good to know!

When hubby got home he totally agreed, in less than two seconds, with my decision these won't work. Loved the confirmation of my gut feelings. I had also brought home a small navy blue/white woven rug. When I put it on the floor I got this funny optical illusion dizziness looking at it - oh my! Hubby confirmed that gut feeling in less than one second.

So off we went for a fun evening of returning items, shopping and dinner out. And I was able to keep the thought of "I can't do this" and "our house will never look nice" at bay.  I am liking a sweet corner of master bedroom, a cozy reading area, that is coming together. I will reveal it soon!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Planting Seeds

My thoughts are beginning to turn to the garden more each day even though it is too chilly outside for this gardener.  So I am planning what to plant in my new deer-fenced garden. Isn't she a beauty?!

My hubby got some wonderful help from his sister & dad last Spring getting this built. I am so thankful!

I was able to get my beloved Tulameen raspberry plants out of the greenhouse and into their new home. They now actually get a chance to grow without becoming salad for the deer!

The rest was filled rather randomly with a mix of things seeded in the greenhouse, directly seeded or with starts from the nurseries (those sure tend to follow me home!).  Not everything was a success, no indeed. I still have a bit more shade in this sunniest area of the yard than I want. Those trees tend to grow, you know, and cast their long shadows. I am positive any failures are caused by the trees not the gardener, yup.

But I can't wait to taste real carrot flavor again. . .

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making headway. . .

I have my eye on a lovely tufted headboard online that I think will be just perfect for the master bedroom. I love to sit in bed to read before sleep so I've wanted something comfy to lean on rather than several pillows stacked behind my back that tend to slip down between the mattress and the wall. There's an outlet back there so a bit of room is needed otherwise the bed could be really flush against the wall. I ordered fabric samples so I could make sure the neutral tone I thought would work would really work with the carpet and antique white nightstands. When the samples finally arrived, none of them were the ones I'd requested. I gave the company a heads up about the problem and re-ordered the samples. They'd apparently had a big website snafu, thus the mixup. The headboard is on sale right now with free shipping so I'm itching to make the decision. Itching!!

In the meantime, I found jewelry trays for my new dresser. No more rummaging around in the tangled mess of a tiny jewelry case.

And this very Pottery Barn-ish bottle purchased inexpensively at TJMaxx. The artwork is my inspiration piece for the room done by a favorite artist, Jennifer Lommers. I watched her create the original via Facebook and then requested a canvas copy. It'll be a punch of color in an otherwise neutral room. At least that's the plan! Thanks for following my, ahem, progress!