Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Before we knew if our grandbaby was a boy or girl, I was inspired by this pattern:

and this fabric:

named "Boy Crazy".

I loved this fabric but if the baby was a girl I would need to find other fabric.

I went ahead and began stitching.

Then we all found out that, yes, it was a boy!!

When I was almost finished with the top, my DIL began asking me to make a baby quilt.

I had to act like I didn't have time or would try to come up with something, heheh.

(Machine quilted by Ann Jones)

It was so fun to surprise by son & DIL with the quilt at their baby shower!

It was fun to tell them the story of my amateur acting in order to keep the quilt a secret.

My friend found the darling outfit to go with the quilt.

And look what else "goes" with the quilt!!

Sweet pea pumpkin love!!

Monday, August 11, 2014


I know I've been MIA for a bit. 

Besides the major life event of the birth of our grandson, we also had a wedding, a swift 3000 mile road trip, and a funeral. Very full, emotional, bittersweet times!

So happy to get back to this boy!

It was also lovely to be away from the news for awhile.

When we returned, I found a garden that had burst into bloom.

Even the dahlias were finally blooming.

So I decided to try to sell some of the bounty.

And, By Golly, I sold some!

Hubby did get some of the hardwood floor in earlier and now I need to paint the stair skirt and risers.

I love having hardwood floors, so done with carpet in the main part of the house :)

But it is gorgeous summer here presently so it's REALLY hard to focus on the inside of the house.

But I'll try, heheh.