Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Homestead

Good Morning!

We didn't do anything on the bathroom/house remodel this past weekend. We needed a rest and then we had a wonderful Mother's Day at my mom's teensy house. We were very thankful for sunshine most of the day so we could spill outside. My 90 year old mom was thankful to just be home for the day. 

This is what the neighborhood looked like back in the 40's when mom & dad moved there.

The arrow points to the property.

They bought and moved a WWII surplus house to the property.

Wish I had that car!
The "garage" was the gravel basement entered under the back of the house.

My older sister and me surrounded by mom's wonderful flower beds.
It was a great place to grow up!

Now mom's house looks like the one in the movie "UP"! 
Houses have been built close by and there it sits tucked back from the road.
She has lived there most of her adult life and we are so thankful she can still be there!


  1. I love these old photos! :o)

  2. I know - aren't they fun! So many changes since those days, too.

  3. Every family has a story and history. Wonderful pictures

  4. Thank you for coming to visit! I hope that you do make it to Paris during the holidays, it really is a special time there. I love your family photos.

    1. And thank you for stopping by here, Elizabeth!