Friday, November 1, 2013


I was having a Facebook discussion with a friend recently.

She has been sharing a beautiful painting she is working on and I've been amazed at the strokes that produce such art. I told her I wished I could paint or even draw and hoped to give it a try someday. But my expectation was not to do anything like she is doing, it's not "in" me.

She then reminded me of my garden and I once again realized that it is such an important creative outlet. 

It is most definitely "in" me!!

I overflow with gratefulness when I am getting my hands dirty

or visiting a nursery

or filling the trunk of the car with plants

or weeding (truly).

I overflow with thankfulness when gifting someone with cut flowers

or a bag of homegrown carrots

or sharing photos of blooms.

Or hosting a wedding in the garden!!!

Thank you, friend, for reminding me of this.


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  1. Everyone has their special gifts and talents. I wish I had a green thumb. Have a wonderful weekend, Barbara.