Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 Before we knew if our grandbaby was a boy or girl, I was inspired by this pattern:

and this fabric:

named "Boy Crazy".

I loved this fabric but if the baby was a girl I would need to find other fabric.

I went ahead and began stitching.

Then we all found out that, yes, it was a boy!!

When I was almost finished with the top, my DIL began asking me to make a baby quilt.

I had to act like I didn't have time or would try to come up with something, heheh.

(Machine quilted by Ann Jones)

It was so fun to surprise by son & DIL with the quilt at their baby shower!

It was fun to tell them the story of my amateur acting in order to keep the quilt a secret.

My friend found the darling outfit to go with the quilt.

And look what else "goes" with the quilt!!

Sweet pea pumpkin love!!


  1. Quilt (and of course grandkid) are so much cuter than your inspiration! JenK (friend of Susie W)

  2. Oh my goodness- you are so sneaky!!! I LOVE that quilt . . . you did a fantastic job. Not to mention bravo for your acting!! ;) I am so going to do that some day when I have a grandchild on the way (many, many moons from now) :) I hope I end up guessing correctly!

  3. The quilt is amazing! Wow. And your grandson is too of course. I'm a sucker for sweet little boys.