Monday, October 6, 2014


Good Morning!

I have hesitated to write anymore blog posts because I am very unhappy with the photos from my old phone. I do have a point & shoot camera that I haven't touched in a long while. Maybe I need to dig out the manual & learn how to use it again!

Anyway, hubby finished installing the hardwood flooring in the office, yay!! It looks wonderful. I need to change the name of the office, actually, since we don't use it for that. It's the TV room or the Den or the Spare Oom (ala Chronicles of Narnia, heheh!).

In September we spent a long weekend on the coast which included staying in a charming beach house with our son & his family - our grandsons!! It was ridiculously fun to hold the baby any time I wanted and for hours. Seabrook, WA, is a perfect get-away for families.

I have been selling bouquets by the roadside this summer - a couple dozen so far! Honor system for paying and the crazy thing is that 2 or 3 bouquets have been stolen but not the money box!?! I am already planning what I want to grow next year including more dahlias. I need orange ones! I grew larkspur from seed and have many clusters hanging upside down drying. The sweetpeas are done and the plants pulled out. I've taken notes on which varieties did the best.

We have had a year of major life events (weddings, babies, funerals) and that continues. We are standing with a family saying goodbye to a loved one. There is amazing sorrow and amazing joy in the midst of such a time.  Please pray for this family. 

Thank you for reading and being my friend!


  1. Glad your floor is done. Like you, our office is no more -- it's our "reading room" or "library" --

  2. It has certainly been a full year for you! My heart goes out to those who are experiencing such loss :( . . . and great praise for all those joys!

    Please please dig out your camera so we can see those floors! :)