Monday, January 26, 2015

The adventures continue.

For Pete's Sake!

If it's not one thing it's another!

Holy Moly!


Enough archaic expressions for ya'?

Oh wait, Alack and Alas!

Why all this? Because I've had yet another misadventure.

Remember when I said someone was coming to clean the deck, porch and ramps? Well, they did and it all looks great. Except we forgot that the spigot was open in the green house .  .  . for several hours .  .  . while he was running the water for the pressure washer.

Now, we always remove the hoses around the yard and open all the spigots in preparation for freezing temperatures that do occur here on Puget Sound.  Almost every year I forget about the one inside the greenhouse when I hook up the hoses and turn on the water for the first time. But I usually catch it within minutes of my mistake.

I wish I'd remembered it this year.

Since the greenhouse was full of plants and debris, the floor drain clogged and the greenhouse flooded. The man cleaning and I were oblivious until he went to the back of the yard to clean the greenhouse ramp. 

Hubby happened to stop by about that time. He scooped away the debris blocking the drain so the water could recede, propped open the door and got a fan running.

I didn't see it until the water was gone but everything was soaked. 

My new red cart!

You might not be able to tell but all of this was soaked.

This forced me into greenhouse cleanup immediately. 

Much of this is drying in the woodshed or behind the greenhouse for now.

Spent plants removed, pots emptied. Potted perennials pruned and set on the bench or up on plant stands to keep the floor free to dry.

Door and windows open, fan running.

Thankfully we are in the midst of record high temperatures for January - perfect timing, heh! The sun is beginning to shine in the greenhouse for a bit more each day. So before we know it I'll be doing this:

I've been buying seeds!

 And this:

My favorite spot in the world.


  1. So sorry to hear about your greenhouse misadventure, Barbara! Hope everything will be as good as new soon. You have already done your Spring cleanup ~ just a little bit early this year! ♡

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn - and yes, early spring cleanup is a plus!

  3. Love that last photo - always nice to sit back and see the results of our hard work - especially after sorting out and unexpected mishap. Love your red cart ! Found your blog through your comment on the Inspired Room so I'm off to have a look around it. Regards Tracey @

  4. Oh no! Having your spring clean up done is looking on the bright side of things. What a wonderful greenhouse!

  5. Oh no! Having your spring clean up done is looking on the bright side of things. What a wonderful greenhouse!