Thursday, February 26, 2015


Oh dear, I am a "bad" blogger since I don't have any before photos. But I do have after photos of all the organization going on around here.

Behind this door. . .

. . . the coat closet.

 25 baseball caps were on that shelf, now sorted and in baskets.

We also had a huge basket on the floor for shoes ever since our sons were young. 
A shoe rack is going to work well for us now.

The linen closet was a work in progress. 

I discovered I am too short to have everything in containers since I can't see what is in them!

So I ended up with this. Lot's of old towels going to the wildlife center down the road, too.

Presently I am going through files and refiguring where to store monthly paperwork. I found the coolest basket for hanging files. Stay tuned!

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