Monday, December 30, 2013


As Christmas gets wrapped up and put into the memory books, my thoughts turn to many things. One of those is sewing! I am finding myself thinking about red and white quilts, for one. And children's clothing. 

Last year I made skirts for my darling little great nieces.

For Sofie, who was 3 years old at the time, I made a patchwork bordered skirt.

It was from a design I originally spotted on Pinterest but I had to figure out the dimensions of the pieces and the length of the skirt from measurements sent by my niece. 

I decided to do an elastic waist, also from the measurements sent by Megan.

For 1 1/2 year old Gracie, I designed a different skirt with a rick rack trim.

Do you spot the little button initial?

Gracie now knows which skirt is hers and that there is a "G" for her name.  I'd hoped the little buttons would be something the special to the girls. And I love that the girls could still wear their skirts on this recent Christmas Eve.

And let me wish you all a Happy New Year!

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  1. Hi Barbara: Those are two darling skirts you made- I hope you post pictures of the girls wearing them later on. :) Oh, how I wish I could do 'real' sewing! Someday . . .
    I was tickled to receive your comment today- recognizing another Pacific Northwester by the term 'cloudy'. That just cracked me up, but it is so true! and you live on Bainbridge! Beautiful island! My best friend lives in Port Orchard and I've taken the ferry from Seattle across your island a few times. I grew up in Seattle and moved south to Vancouver 14 years ago, but I still travel up that way quite often due to all the family/friends still in the area.
    I was looking through your blog and found your Christmas tree to be a familiar sight . . . I must be your children's age because I have ornaments like that too- 1978 for me. :) And I loved your Hallmark houses and barn.
    And your bathroom: it's gorgeous! I love the choices you ended up making with it.
    Well, we have more sun here today- I hope you do too- so I'm going to go off and make the most of it. It's been lovely to meet you- Cheers!