Friday, July 18, 2014

Snail Pace

We were making some progress on the stair project a bit ago.

Risers installed.

We decided to wait to paint the final coats on the risers until after hubby installs the treads.

And then we got happily interrupted by the most wonderful event.
The birth of our grandson.

It sure slowed us down with things around here.
We are in love!!
Typical conversation this week:
Hubby: when do you want to go see the baby again? Today?
Me: Yes!! (drop everything)

And today we've discovered 3 huge bald-faced hornet nests on our house and garage. So I am not going to work outside anywhere near the buildings.
No photos, either, since I can't get close enough, heheh.

I could continue cleaning out the office so we can get going on demo.

Or gather flowers from the cutting garden which is far away from the hornet nests.

I am not minding the snail pace at all.


  1. Congratulations to your whole family on the new arrival!! (and I don't mean the stair risers ;) ) What a cutie! I don't blame you the preoccupation at all . . .
    Those sweet peas are gorgeous! I wish I could smell them from here :)
    Glad you're enjoying your snail's pace.