Saturday, December 6, 2014

Doing well

Thought I'd one-handedly type an update to let you know I am doing really well. My wrist is healing just like it should without any need for surgery, yay!! I have a shorter cast which allows for more arm movement & allows me to drive.

My spirit stays positive despite all the things I won't be able to do this Christmas ~ rolled/cut-out cookies? Um, nope. Thankful for new DILs to take the reigns.

The Spare Oom is all freshly painted! We ended up needing the painters to do a whole second coat on the walls. We had used left over paint from another project for the walls and had to buy more for the touch-ups. The paint formulas have changed in recent years so any touch ups weren't working. The closet shelves are done, too, so we are beginning to put things away.

The stairwell also got painted and is done! I will get photos up of these areas when I am able. I may need the real photographers in the family to help with that, heheh.

I am very thankful to my hubby for taking on mundane household tasks that I've normally tackled. I am a "hold down the fort" type, happy to be home. He will be glad, I'm sure, when things get back to normal.


  1. That is great news that you are healing well and won't need surgery. I can't wait to see how your spare room is coming along when you are able to take pictures again. Merry Christmas!