Friday, December 19, 2014

Organizing help

Good Morning!

I'm still sporting my Seahawks blue cast. The next step of a removable cast got delayed due to an insurance snafu. But it'll happen soon - can't wait!

In the meantime I've been busy Christmas shopping and enjoying times with friends. It is a whole different December without baking, cooking, putting up a tree, etc! I ordered lefse from the Midwest that arrived freshly made & tastes just like the family recipe. Hubby is happy :)

Yesterday, I lunched with Joy of Joy Thomas Design We met through my oldest son when he lived in San Diego. Now Joy & her family have relocated to the PNW. She is continuing to build her business as an interior designer, home stager & organizing specialist. 

That brings me to our lunch conversation - the chaos that remains in the living room. She asked me some good questions including what was stopping us from getting that stuff put away. I've pondered that ever since. I told her of many of the emotional obstacles that come with sorting/decisions. One of her recommendations was to tackle one bag or box a day. Aha! I don't want to give away her tips but she knows of what she speaks having just done major purging & a major move.

I came away encouraged. Once hubby gets the new bookshelves built & I get a cast free stronger arm, watch out! Things will be happening again around here!

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