Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm Normal - yippity!

Yesterday a big box arrived from a favorite source. I was so excited. I'd looked and looked and studied and pinned the items before finally hitting the submit order button.

And what did I discover when I opened the box? That I did NOT like the glass on the bathroom sconces. I'm not thrilled with the sconces themselves, either. An online only item so I couldn't go see it in person. In the photos the glass looked like it had a ridged pattern to it with a bit of character. In person it is modern, smooth glass. A nice hue but not the style I am going for, I think.

I've sort of lost my vision for the room with first the tile, then the lights.

I also discovered I'd accidentally ordered two toilet paper holders and two towel rings, by mistake, even with approving the order before clicking send. What?

BUT ~ hubby, who is in the construction business, calmly said this happens all the time. Things arrive and don't look like you thought they would. No problem, just send them back.

I Am Normal - who woulda thought !!

I am rethinking things in there. Maybe I won't go all shiny with polished nickel. Maybe I'll go a bit more retro. What can I do to make the room look like I love?

How do you other bloggers/designers out there do it?

I was thinking back to when we built this house and I was even more indecisive/timid then I am now, heh. I chose affordable shiny brass lighting for the house, and loved it. I picked a gray-blue 80's carpet (cause it was the 80's) and loved it.  I even loved the vinyl flooring.  It was a low budget, not-the-dream-house but I didn't regret the decisions.

That's what I am seeking this time around. I love our bedroom carpeting and the new bathroom vanities and never have to convince myself they are okay.  The stairwell is turning out just right. Very fun sconces in there - I'll show them to you in a future post.

And the project I've been teasing you with is almost done and it is just as I'd hope.

So there IS hope. I AM normal. What a relief!!

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