Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Progress

Hubby worked on my bathroom this weekend.
A thermostat for the heated floor.
Which feels heavenly, oh my.

Nail pops on the ceiling were pounded back in place and some patching was done on them and this spot above the shower. We had a leak a few years ago before our roof was replaced.

The vanity was installed after the hole was cut in the back for the plumbing.

Then I sent hubby to the golf course for relaxation.
The patching had to dry anyway and needs another coat.
Some old wallpaper glue from behind the toilet needs to be sanded off.
Then we need to paint.

I am thankful I can use my shower in this stage of the process.

I do not like the downstairs shower.

Or the mirror.

Why does that mirror make me look older and grayer? Blech!

I want my mirror back :)

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