Monday, February 10, 2014

a quilt story

Way back in the 1980's I was inspired by this quilt.

The pattern is "Flywheel".
My friend had it hanging way up on a wall in her entry.

It was made during the Depression era for my friend's mother as a wedding gift.

I was fascinated by the soft yellow background, rather unusual.

So I decided to make a copy. It was hard to find any yellow fabric at the time nor could I find an accurate pattern. This was before the internet or the use of all the tools we now have for quilt making.

Using a similar pattern I made this.

It is a much softer yellow than in the photos.

I am thinking I hand cut out all those pieces while watching some games, not the Olympics, but another international competition, maybe the Goodwill Games in 1986.

I was in a small quilt group at the time where we helped hand-piece blocks for each other. 

And Geez Louise, I've been hand-quilting it from time to time ever since!

So the first night of the Winter Olympic Games, I pulled it out once again so I could quilt while watching the competitions.

Making headway with the goal of finally finishing this very 80's quilt THIS year.

I may break down and machine quilt the boarders. 

I think our quilting foremothers would be just fine with that.


  1. Hi Barbara- I am so in love with your quilt! Finished or not, it's really lovely. I have never quilted, but hope to do so when my boys are grown and out of the house like yours :) Quilting and crochet are two hobbies I plan to take up when I have more time. Or at least in theory I'll have more time then!

    I'm sorry your husband was away this Valentine's Day- but I'm glad the chocolate cupcake helped! (chocolate does make things better, doesn't it?)

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend- many blessings- Jenniffer

  2. Very pretty ... what a great idea to work on it while watching the Olympics! I used to quilt back in the day too! When are they going to make finishing quilts an Olympic sport? :D

  3. Congrats on the news of a new grandbaby! Hope to see his/her quilt soon;)