Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I wonder. . .

I've been home for a good 10 days with an eye infection, rather painful and very contagious. Hopefully I am on the mend!

I'd been happily working in the early Spring garden, too, anticipating this:

And this:

Oh, and this:

Conclusion: I would rather lose my hearing than my sight, that's for sure!

What I've discovered is how quickly I got into a good ole' funk.

Feeling like I'd never get well (big baby, here). Self-care flying right out the window (hair? diet? exercise? nyet).

Some depression, past mistakes coming back to poke at me.

This was within one week!!

That got me wondering anew about those who have serious illness, for weeks, months, years. What can we do to help them "keep up their spirits"?

I usually think in terms of physical tasks like meals (despite my failure as a cook, heh) or shopping but what about things for the mind and spirit?

Technology certainly is a huge blessing for keeping connected: Facebook, blogs, texting. All germ free!

In the worst of it, I snuggled in on the couch listening to my playlist. Technology again.

So, I am wondering what would be great kindness to those with illness, for their inner being, for their spirit?

What is something I could do?

Pondering. . . 


  1. This is such a beautiful thought. I was so sick during both my pregnancies and remember distinctly feeling such a compassion for cancer patients. There is something mentally depleting about being sick for months on end and I knew that mine would end with the joy of a baby. Even so, it was difficult, your mine plays tricks on you. . . . what a beautiful blog you have!

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  3. Hello Erin - thank you for your words, you do understand what I am trying to say! So glad your end result was a wee one.

  4. I love your pictures of feverfew and the rose is beautiful.. I understand what you are asking here. I don't have anything wrong but I know others that do. If they are nearby, I take flowers..just a handful from my yard..whatever is in season..or a picture of a flower posted on their timeline...such simple things..I had a long period when we were starting our business from home that the internet was pretty much my only outside contact for days and weeks....
    thanks for visiting...
    Love, Mona

  5. I hope you are well by now, Barbara. You asked good questions, and long term illness (like my 6 weeks of bronchitis) depletes you physically and mentally. Since I am a lover of sweets, a surprise treat of some dessert is what my mind thinks of as comforting...and dvd's of romantic comedies. Not very creative here, but those are things that cheer me, so I would hope they would cheer others.

  6. Thanks for visiting Linderhof! Hope you are feeling better. I feel like you -- I would rather see than hear! Take care -- your flower pictures are lovely!