Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It'll take more than a day. . .

After my long bout with infected eyes I managed to come down with the flu so it seems I was ill the whole month of March.  

But now it's April and Spring is bursting forth!!  

I've been busily planting seeds in the greenhouse because. . .

. . . hubby has built me new raised beds in the fenced garden!! 

The wood was prepared with a preservative,

measurements taken and the building got underway.

He can build anything. 

These narrow corner beds are going to be for sweet peas.

The other bed will hold dahlias.

 So now I am happily wheeling dirt to the new beds from my saved pile of emu topsoil. 

I've learned something, however, about keeping a pile of dirt that close to the forrest. There are roots everywhere within that soft rich soil. I am pulling out as many as I find in order to avoid perennial weeds or brambles from getting a foothold. The plants in those beds will have a cushy life compared to the woodland with plenty of fertilizer and water. No squatters allowed!

It takes many trips back and forth. Worked all afternoon but didn't quite get one of the beds filled. 

But then, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Neither were Popeye's muscles. 

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