Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm making headway with the fenced garden.

The corner beds for the sweet peas are filled.

I dug out all the weeds and grass from the larger rectangular bed.

And then I turned over the heavy, clay-ey, rocky soil.

 Less you think I'm being too picky about the emu soil, here is proof of the roots that have grown in the soil

I've been sifting the soil after trying to dig out the roots by hand.

 Hardware cloth works well.

Roots have grown within the soil.

 Beautiful, sifted soil for the new raised beds.

Almost finished with more soil to use as a mulch in the gardens.

I will be soon planting seeds, dahlias and seedlings.

I fell asleep on in the sunshine today, laying on the pile of emu topsoil.

It was heavenly!


  1. I love that idea of a corner garden! Looks great so far!

  2. Thank you ~ I cannot wait to smell the sweet peas!

  3. Barbara, those raised beds are beautiful and the soil looks divine.