Thursday, April 11, 2013

A fun search.

Anyone who knows me (and my sisters/family) knows how much I love to do research. We've always loved libraries and now the internet is like a huge library right there with a few key strokes. 

Even on the phone - how crazy is that!!!

I LOVE technology.

I watch TV and immediately google things that catch my eye, find more about what I've seen, madly look for someone's dress, or jewelry. Even more madly look for a painting seen in a house remodel, a faucet, a cabinet pull. I may not intend to purchase any of these things but I must find them.

I should have been a private eye!

Anyway, one of my very favorite searches is on Etsy. It is fascinating to search and see what comes up. Not a specific item but something like pumpkin, gold finch, red barn, white house, tiny houses, blue/green, daffodil. . .

Recently I've searched for blue Ball mason jars. I've been thinking of doing a gallery wall above the new little dresser of all blue mason jar art. 

If I could figure out how to post photos of what I find there, I'd show you. My Pinterest boards are full of those images so you could check them out there, if you were so inclined. I wish it was as easy to post images with full credit here in this blog world.

Someone please make this happen - thank you!

Hey, this one worked. I wish I knew how and why.

I purchased this print from The Wheatfield on Etsy and will be framing it for the gallery wall.

I have lots of blue canning jars thanks to my sis who collected them years ago at garage sales before they got popular and expensive. Love them and the sis who gave them to me!

Maybe I'll try to photograph some of my collection for the gallery wall.

No shortage of inspiration - now to just do it!


  1. What about putting up some little shelves in your gallery wall...and then, you can put the jars there, with various things displayed in them...

  2. What a pretty picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  3. This is darling. I love that Etsy shop. She's so talented and her art makes me feel cheery.


  4. This Mason Jar Art is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.... you've sparked some ideas for me, for sure!!! :-) Love it. ~ Dori ~

  5. Okay, one more thing! I went to this Etsy shop and oh my word.... she has darling stuff!!!! Really, really darling. Thanks for sending me in that direction! ~ Dori ~