Monday, April 15, 2013

The $500 t.p. holder

Yes, you read that right. I've been spotting toilet paper holders for $500 during my online shopping for bathroom accessories. Who knew?? They aren't even 14 carat gold.

I am trying to finalize light fixtures and bath accessories because we are making headway.

Hubby got the battens installed. We measured and figured and measured again trying to figure out the layout. While he was in the garage I pulled out the blue tape and my sewing tape measure. I tried 16" between battens, then 12", then 10", then 8 1/2", then 9 1/16".

I tried to start 4" from the corners, then 5".

Hubby comes back in with cut battens, puts them on the walls and in a few seconds it looked perfect! How does he do that? He can build anything, really.

He did not need my math skills or blue tape skills.

And I am so relieved and thankful to LOVE it. 

Now to do my best to find the right lights and accessories to give it the vintage look I'm going for.

Within the budget.

No $500 t.p. holders.


  1. This is going to be fabulous!! Love the little window ledge -- so cottagey cute! Thanks so much for your visit and kind comments on my blog!!

  2. Ha ha... I just reread the $500 TP holder bit. I hear ya. Not on my budget either. :)