Monday, April 29, 2013

Trying to choose

We had a great weekend and accomplished a lot ~ outside! 
window washing

A bit of work on the bathroom, too.
And look, I finally captured the inspiration photo for the remodel!

This was my original inspiration but there are so many gorgeous bathrooms out there.
Cute and funky ones, too.
I keep looking at new photos as I try choose the faucet and lights.
The thing is, I know which faucet I want. It's second priciest of my narrowed down options, of course.  

I do not want a boring faucet. Not this time. (Hubby laughs.)

Then there are lights. I do believe I've looked at every bathroom light online. I even went to a local lighting store to see the finishes first hand. Do I want polished nickel? Or chrome? Or bronze? Or galvanized metal? 
I do know I don't want huge lights, and many of them are really big, for that tiny space.
This one has the number one position for awhile now.

Would it be too shiny? Stick out too far?
I wish I could bring them all home to try on for size.
My newest kick has been white sconces, barn-light style, something like this.

Or maybe one with vintage flair.

Then I go back to my idea of nickel or chrome but with an industrial twist.

And keeping it real, there is the budget to stay within. My goal is to have fixtures I love within a reasonable cost. 
A sweet friend told me to just pick a light fixture among all the good ones.
Another friend reminded me how fun it'll be when the remodel is done and I can hang the new shower curtain, hang artwork and put out the new rug.

Looking forward to that day!


  1. I've been through so many remodels, and although they're not particularly fun, it's great at the end of that rainbow. Thanks for stopping in this morning.

  2. Hi Barbara thanks for stopping by my blog. It's lovely hearing from new bloggers. Love that bathroom vanity.
    That's our next project!!

  3. Barbara, Thanks for your comments on my blog! I've been enjoying reading yours - finally had time today - and really enjoying it. I can relate to struggling with choices on fixtures (and everything else). My husband left the entire kitchen cabinet design, choices, etc... up to me and I've been meeting with the cabinet shop off and on for months now. Our cabinets were delivered today and I almost started hyperventilating when they brought them in. They are gorgeous and everything I wanted but it felt very panicky... did I make the right choices, etc...???! My husband approved, so that was good! :-) But, its all pretty stressful making decisions isn't it? And everything is SO expensive. Anyway, nice getting to know you and thanks again for reading and commenting on my blog! ~ Dori ~