Sunday, April 21, 2013

A treasure.

I have my grandmother's Watkins cookbook from the 1940's.

Grandma Nellie Slater Tiffany passed away quite young, when I was quite young. It is a treasure to me to see her writing in this book.

I was looking through the cookbook recently on my hunt for a good oatmeal cookie. I found some rather interesting recipes. 

Here is good nutrition via 1940.

But look what I found in grandma's writing.

I think it would be fun to try this recipe!

Just might do that soon.

Oh, the bathroom battens are all puttied and caulked. Yay!


  1. What a treasure! I look forward to hearing about how that recipe turned out.

  2. I agree there are quite a few odd recipes in there - things I've never heard of, like Fermanlactol and dissolvents. So interesting. I love making old recipes - makes you feel connected with the past.

  3. Egg gruel sounds so yummy! NOT! :) It's so funny what was an acceptable recipe name back then versus now.

  4. Kim, I so agree! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)