Thursday, June 27, 2013

A set back

I was so excited the other day when I saw this:

The painting was done, tape removed, and hubby was installing the lights.

But then this happened:

A little touch up always needs to be done after removing the tape but in this case the paint failed in the area of new sheetrock. For some reason the primer did not adhere to the wall. Hubby could just peal it off like butter. After all his hard work!

 Things were looking so good (not that my phone camera can capture it in low light).

Hubby talked to a painter friend about all the possible causes.

"Unknown cause"

So back to square one with hopes the paint doesn't fail in other spots around the room.

The toilet remains on the porch.

Plumbing parts here and there.

But you know what? It doesn't matter because we've been helping our son get ready for an appraisal. 
Hubby has been over there helping build/install and I got to help him choose and plant over 30 plantings!! 

Such a privilege and so fun!!

And with all the rain lately the gardens are bursting at the seams. We live in a pretty green part of the world because of that rain.

I need to do some harvesting today. 

When I see this I decide I am not quite ready for a condo :)


  1. How ironic! The same paint peel thing happened when I painted my bookshelves. Don't you just hate that!?!

  2. Yes indeed, I greatly dislike paint fail !! So sorry after all the work of painting bookshelves the same thing happened. Hope you are able to fix them!

  3. Oh no on the paint! Darn that is flustering. We had paint fail with the inside shelves of our open kitchen shelves. I had to go buy new shelves that would adhere better.

    What a GLORIOUS yard and garden...:-)

  4. Melissa - it is kind of nice to hear that others have had similar problems. Thank you for your comments about our yard! I am so enjoying cutting flowers for the house.

  5. I'm so sorry to learn of your paint fail.
    We cleaned, lightly sanded, and primed our trim...and painted another two coats when I see it's now starting to come off if it's nicked, etc. No answers. But, we used Zinzer Bullseye and I think I'm going to stick to Kilz in the future.
    Your gardens are fabulous!!! I would never want to leave that either. So lush and green, too.

  6. Diane, thanks for stopping by and telling me your story. I have sure discovered I am not alone. All that work on your trim - ack!