Friday, June 14, 2013

I'd rather be gardening Part 2

Thought I'd show you more reasons the house projects are neglected, heh-heh.

Hubby and a neighbor cut up a tree that fell due to a rotten base. That's the tree I heard fall one day without hearing any chainsaws before hand. That tree alerted our neighbors to a couple of hazard trees that need to be removed as well. 

We got to bring some home for future firewood.

See that whole front row of logs including some double stacked? I moved all those from the grass, by myself, and lifted them in place.

"Cue Popeye arms"

That was after I edged the grass and weeded.

I am almost done with edging the gardens.

This is the edging my hubby did a few years ago to keep the gravel contained. I love the use of brick.

This bed in front of the house has been troublesome for 25 years. I don't know how many garden designs I've done there only to have them fail. Almost complete shade now. I am considering digging it all up, again.  Maybe not this year. Sometimes I just put out pots of impatiens with fingers crossed that the deer won't find them.

You may see a container to the far right. That is a hydrangea I've thought of planting there but I am afraid it is too shady to get any blooms.

But look - the strawberries are turning red!!!

The robins were eyeing them so I covered the bed with netting.

And suddenly the wild huckleberries are ripe!

Wild huckleberries and blackberries always make me feel at home.

And my own bathroom. 


  1. Your gardens look so nice and beautiful Barbara.

    1. Thank you, Mary! I am excited to see things begin to bloom including the roses now!

  2. Barbara, I love looking at your garden and yard pictures! They are beautiful. So how is the bathroom going.... or are you selling out for the condo?! Ha Ha!!! (Loved that comment on my blog!) My husband and I have said so many time, "What were we thinking?"!!! So I can relate. Have a good weekend... enjoy your garden! ~ Dori ~ (Oh, I got my old wash tubs to Tennessee by talking privately to our friends that were helping to load the u-haul.... "make sure those wash tubs get in there." Ha Ha!!! My husband knew good and well I'd find a spot!!!)

    1. Nothing like great friends in cahoots :) And when you & your hubby wonder what you were thinking you probably see those little granddaughters come running up and KNOW why. Thanks for stopping by and I am loving watching the progress on your beautiful home.