Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'd rather be gardening. . .

Remember the master bedroom re-do?

Or the bathroom remodel?

Yes, those projects still exist but are very neglected right now because the garden is where I'd rather be.

Instead of painting the bathroom last weekend, hubby and I got all involved in outside projects.

I've been getting the gardens edged.

I use these tools to get a crisp edge that I can then easily keep neat the rest of the season.

I like to mark the edge with the garden fork since any mistakes "heal" quickly. Then I use the edger tool to cut a deep trench. That keeps the grass from encroaching into the garden too quickly and gives me a great workout!

I am almost finished edging all the garden beds and then I'll need to mulch the exposed soil.

Hubby limbed up some branches that were reaching too far out into the yard including an extremely long maple branch.

The pile grew and grew.

And in case you are wondering, this is how I've been living since my bathroom was demo'd MONTHS ago. :)

Yes, I could paint the bathroom so hubby can install the toilet, lights and sink but 
I Hate To Paint.

And I'd rather be gardening.

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