Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sweet garden surprises

What a gorgeous day with a warm breeze and blue, blue skies!

I would really like to take down some trees so more of that sunshine reaches my gardens. I am so jealous of friends with sweeps of blossoms. Peonies, delphinium, roses, lilacs - big, fragrant blooms!  What I get are a few blossoms here and there unless it is a very happy, weed-ish plant. Or native beauties like these foxgloves.

So, I walked around the garden today finding spectacular flowers even if they were soloing it. Like this poppy (that I don't remember planting). Just one bloom but so gorgeous.

Or this columbine whose colors I love (hey, I see two blooms!!)

 How about this vine I popped into a planter? 
Cannot remember what it is but what an interesting blossom.

I had read that Mimulus looked like little orchids so I gave them a try. Such a sweet surprise.

How about bit of coral bells in a deep red?

 And I am so tickled to finally have my prized Just Joey rose inside the deer-fenced garden. Such a color and so fragrant.

With all the remodeling going on, I kept my deck planters to a minimum, which isn't easy, I tell ya!

I am very, very fond of nemesia and used several varieties plus succulents and perennials I already had. Hopefully they will all last for most of season.

If not, I will have to visit the plant nurseries again.

That could be trouble!

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  1. visiting the nurseries is always trouble for me too. Such beautiful flowers you have. // Thanks for stopping by my bloggy-blog. I'm so glad that what I wrote resonated with you. :)