Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blog Fail?

Gee whiz, I have started so many new posts only to have, ahem, issues. Video won't post, kitty cat won't leave my typing hands alone which is kinda like having a toddler in the house when you're trying to talk on the phone. Yes, I do remember those long ago days.

Let's see, I was talking about issues, the tech-y/camera/linky issues but also losing confidence about having anything to say or actually successfully decorating the master bedroom. I mean, those bloggers out there with the awesome houses! It's kinda like trying to join the popular crowd at school. That said, I believe in taking inspiration from the best whether it's home decor, gardens, fine art, even "ordinary" crafting. But I more firmly believe in making our home reflect us filled with things we love. Just this morning I relaxed in knowing what I want for our master bedroom decor, found some lamps online, settled on the color scheme for the room. I will not worry about what will look good in a photograph on a blog!! Leaned something, yes I did.

The very same kitty cat grabbed my typing arm so until next time . . .


  1. Persevere Barb! I get the kitty cat thing, as I have a puppy hooked to the sewing machine next to my desk. :)
    I loved your photo of the master bedroom from your first post(?) The window has such a lovely shape as well.


  2. Thanks, Jeni - I am once again excited about finishing the room!