Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Blues

We built our home on a tight budget and within a tight deadline in 1988. Decisions were made quickly and sometimes suddenly ("Honey, do you want a white or an almond toilet?"). I had never before spent so much time in lumberyards, real old fashioned lumberyards since Home Depot wasn't around here then.  After years of living in rentals with 70's colors including a kitchen with harvest gold appliances, countertops, floor and curtains, I was so ready for the color blue.

I picked out blue carpet based on quilting fabric scraps of shades I loved. I will never forget walking up to the door of our under-construction house and seeing that gorgeous blue flooring - I was in love!  So many ideas and plans of how to decorate with blue & red, blue & mauve, blue and tan. Scratch the mauve from the list and I still love the rest of those colors and like seeing them used in fresh ways.   But the time came when the fabric under our feet was beyond help and had to go.

One day I had enough of it and tore out the carpet on the upstairs landing.  

Next out - carpet on the stairs. 

Not sure hubby knew what to expect when he got home from work those days but I love demolition!

As we planned for new flooring throughout the house, we decided to begin with new carpet in the bedrooms. Do you know there are a bazillion little squares of beige/tan/gray/neutral carpet samples out there? Ack! I have trouble making decisions as it is. We did indeed narrow it down and I had my fingers crossed that I would love it and not miss my blue stuff too much.

It's rather a pain to completely empty upstairs rooms carrying everything down stairs. 

But they day of installation came. Most everything around here is DIY so it was thrilling to have it done by someone else!

And there it was:  gorgeous new perfect shade of beach sand carpet, barefoot worthy! Not one teeny regret. Yes, I can love sandy floors as much as blue!! 

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