Friday, January 18, 2013

This morning I suddenly thought how blogs are public. Part of me knew that, of course, but as I compared a blog to Facebook it suddenly felt very public. On FB, I can block those I don't wish to read my words and welcome friends. But anyone out there who happens to find my blog can read it, and comment - that is vulnerability! There are fabulous bloggers out there making a living from their words/photos and sponsors. They post often, update on FB and Pinterest, work constantly to keep readers interested. That wasn't my reason for beginning a blog, not at all. So why would I blog instead of "just" using Facebook?

It is mainly an exercise in creativity without clogging up my friend's news feeds, lol! I hope to meet other bloggers/readers, to continue on my path of finding and embracing what I love, to keep myself moving forward on making decisions for our home. To celebrate putting all that "thinking about it" into action, finally! I am not talented in any way in interior design, or DIY, or artwork but that's okay. I want to share our real journey on remodeling and making a home that works well. Oh, and there's all that tech-y stuff that is still challenging my brain something fierce. "Anyone who keeps learning stays young." Henry Ford. Yup!


  1. Welcome to blogging, Barbara! How exciting!!! ;-)

  2. Thank you, Melissa - I can't wait to be part of a linky party!!