Thursday, January 17, 2013

Embracing the season.

Can't say Winter is my favorite season. Around here in the PNW it means gray, dark, soggy days. But it also means brilliant crisp days that showcase our spectacular snow-capped mountains, And it means the days are getting longer! Often my hubby and I comment that it's still light at "something" o'clock when it seems just last week it was dark at that time - and we do a little cheer! I like to decorate the house in January with wintery themes with folk art snowmen, red accent pieces and a bit of sparkle.

And while we must have Winter, I wouldn't mind a bit of this:

What I really can't wait for, however, is this:

Still figuring out this photo posting biz. . .


  1. Well written - I am excited you have started a blog and sharing your story!

  2. I'm not sure we will get much of that white stuff this year. So far just frost and freezing but no fluffy! :o) Loving the new blog!