Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cozying up in the master bedroom. . .

Finally, I am tackling the master bedroom, something that's been on my mind for, ahem, years! Last summer we had new carpet installed in both upstairs bedrooms (more on that in a future post). At the same time we removed the old 80's victorian style brass headboard.  It was not only dated but hidden now that we had a mattress taller than our ancient one. The valances are gone as is the duvet. New nightstands and an awesome Christmas gift have begun the process. Stay tuned!


  1. Sorry Barb I am not famous but I have been thinking about your bedroom redo alot. In my diy experience I have found that sometimes I don't want a complete change just a rejuvinator. Have you thought about using the color red to brighten what you already have. For example: What about taking a red and off white pillow ticking stripe and changing your bed skirt also a pillow or two, put a two inch border of the same stripe on the bottom of your valance as well, then throw a red throw over the back of your chair so it looks like it is just waiting for you to curl up there with a good book. How about some colorful pictures of flowers you have taken that are matted and framed arranged in a grouping above your bed?As a florist a colorful floral arrangement is a must. Maybe with red gerberas or with red dogwood twigs. With new lamps you have a whole new look that doesn't cost a bundle. Have fun I know I've had fun thinking about it.

  2. Gail, these are some wonderful ideas! The valances are long gone, however, as is the duvet. I do have a few touches of red and may reconsider keeping them (I love red). And I agree that new lamps will make huge difference. Thank you so much for your thoughts!