Monday, February 11, 2013

Planting Seeds

My thoughts are beginning to turn to the garden more each day even though it is too chilly outside for this gardener.  So I am planning what to plant in my new deer-fenced garden. Isn't she a beauty?!

My hubby got some wonderful help from his sister & dad last Spring getting this built. I am so thankful!

I was able to get my beloved Tulameen raspberry plants out of the greenhouse and into their new home. They now actually get a chance to grow without becoming salad for the deer!

The rest was filled rather randomly with a mix of things seeded in the greenhouse, directly seeded or with starts from the nurseries (those sure tend to follow me home!).  Not everything was a success, no indeed. I still have a bit more shade in this sunniest area of the yard than I want. Those trees tend to grow, you know, and cast their long shadows. I am positive any failures are caused by the trees not the gardener, yup.

But I can't wait to taste real carrot flavor again. . .