Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Making headway. . .

I have my eye on a lovely tufted headboard online that I think will be just perfect for the master bedroom. I love to sit in bed to read before sleep so I've wanted something comfy to lean on rather than several pillows stacked behind my back that tend to slip down between the mattress and the wall. There's an outlet back there so a bit of room is needed otherwise the bed could be really flush against the wall. I ordered fabric samples so I could make sure the neutral tone I thought would work would really work with the carpet and antique white nightstands. When the samples finally arrived, none of them were the ones I'd requested. I gave the company a heads up about the problem and re-ordered the samples. They'd apparently had a big website snafu, thus the mixup. The headboard is on sale right now with free shipping so I'm itching to make the decision. Itching!!

In the meantime, I found jewelry trays for my new dresser. No more rummaging around in the tangled mess of a tiny jewelry case.

And this very Pottery Barn-ish bottle purchased inexpensively at TJMaxx. The artwork is my inspiration piece for the room done by a favorite artist, Jennifer Lommers. I watched her create the original via Facebook and then requested a canvas copy. It'll be a punch of color in an otherwise neutral room. At least that's the plan! Thanks for following my, ahem, progress!

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