Friday, February 15, 2013


Gee whiz - it took me several tries this morning to get my "face" on (makeup, you know). I had to start over several times because I am so distracted and excited and worried!! Word on the street is that tomorrow is demolition day for my bathroom - what??!!

Thought I had a photo of it when it was neat & clean but here it is the other day. Original vanity and oak backsplash, 80's style. Vinyl flooring from my Victorian era. Hey, I had rose flowered wallpaper in here and a lace shower curtain.

Brass fixtures, oval mirror. I liked it a lot, however, in it's hay day. As you can see, the wallpaper has been gone for quite awhile. These fuzzy photos don't show the green paint color that I am keeping. I love it (BM Soft Fern).

So I am unloading the drawers, sorting, tossing and then putting the things I use daily in baskets to take to the downstairs bath. It'll be a teensy pain having one bathroom for awhile. Although I grew up in a household of 5 with one bathroom, it can be done! See that waste basket? That was a wedding shower gift 40 years ago! The color has been in and out of style several times. It normally lives inside the vanity, however.

I am so thankful that I am getting a new vanity in a yummy dark chocolate color. First up will be tile floor - heated!

In a nice, neutral tile. That'll give me lots of options for future decorating. A total DIY project here. Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I love meeting new bloggers. Heated floors, thats going to be awesome, I cant wait to see how your bathroom turns out...

  2. And thank you for stopping by my blog!