Thursday, February 28, 2013


"made less hopeful or enthusiastic"

Not only is the bathroom flooring too orange/gold and wrong but other things are just not going well. 

My hair is not working. My Facebook friends are all saying, NO, not the hair again. Will you quit with the hair!! I've cut the bangs three times, too.  

After losing 35+ pounds last year I am stuck. Can't seem to continue or lose the last 10.

My eBay sales are in disarray due to my typing in my email address wrong in the original auction form - not just once (which ended in a cancelled sale) but now two more times! It totally messes up getting paid. The solution hasn't been found yet. For the sales not my brain, for Pete's sake!!

I'm not getting anywhere with the master bedroom decorating. I sent for samples of the fabric for the tufted headboard I was eyeing only to receive the wrong samples not once, but twice. THEN I found out the color I really wanted was discontinued. 

Lamps - what lamps? Nothing new at TJ's that I even like. Online they are so expensive! Who can pay hundreds of dollars for two lamps? That reminds me - one time I added up the cost of all the furnishings in a bedroom I loved. $20K, $20-grand, $20,000 for one room, egads.

But the worst of it is that I battle with self-contempt down in my soul. I can't. Somethings wrong with me. It'll never happen because it's me. Etc, etc. I've learned, however, that this can be a habit. A default. I've mostly learned to say "no" to going there. To treat myself with the same kindness I would treat a friend. Instead I need to say, okay, I don't like the bathroom flooring. What are the options? Sometimes that is harder than the default. 

"At first glance it may appear too hard. Look again. Always look again."- Mary Anne Rodmacher

When I started this blog I was enthusiastic and excited about life, about decorating the master bedroom, remodeling. And that's where I want to remain - with hope, joy, fun, creativity. 

Hey, maybe it's The Psychology of Home Decor - yup!


  1. I am on a quest too to find new lamps for the living room..well, I found them...but not at the price I want to I faithfully truck to HomeGoods once a week to see what they luck yet...but I know that I will find them!!..Have a great weekend!

  2. Flooring is hard...and redoing is not for the faint of heart! I have wallpapered an entire room one day and ripped it off the next. It is difficult to visualize some things in their entirety from a little swatch. So I feel your pain. Lamps...keep looking. I have found many I like at Target or possibly JCPenney online. Good luck!