Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What would you do?

Tear it out!!!

Just kidding.


An awesome hubby/son crew worked hard to install the tile this past weekend.

Lots of work, lots of learning, dinner out afterwards (my favorite!).

But my heart has sunk now that I see the tile in place - I don't like it!

Yes, I chose it. I had a sample in the bathroom for quite awhile so I could see it in the lighting in there.

Yes, I carried a tile around when looking at vanity finishes, flooring samples and the like.

(No, the iPhone cameral doesn't take very clear or color accurate photos in this darker space!)

Should I have gone with my gut of mosaic, vintage looking tiles? Should I have ignored the practical side that said all that grout would be a pain to keep clean?  I chose a neutral tile but the color and style aren't doing what I thought they would. It looks rather gold-ish and apartment-ish rather than cottage/farmhouse Pottery Barn-ish.

So now I've become totally gun shy to choose any of the other flooring! So disappointed in myself which feeds right into some of my wackadoodle issues, bah!

"Her courage had sprung a leak."

Not sure I can expect this tile to be removed with the cost and hassle of doing so. What would you do?

And thus is the dilema in home design. Do you ever feel like everyone else gets it right the first time? My hubby can tell me story after story of clients who change their minds, often, who see something installed and don't like it . . . At All.

Keeping it real here!


  1. Barbara - I think the tile looks great! Sometimes I have made decisions in our house and wondered what I was thinking. When I spent HOURS painting our kitchen cabinets, the first thing I thought when I saw the finished result was that it looked like an apartment. But after a couple days, I realized it was such a dramatic change that it actually took a little while to get used to it. Then when the countertops were installed, I realized it had all come together. I think once you get everything installed you will be happy with your choice! And I agree about thinking practically about grout!

  2. All coming together - I am so hoping that's the case!